Mobile Application

Mesh Formation

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Immediately after a disaster, users activate the HIRO-NET application on their smartphone/tablet (iOS or Android). Upon launch, HIRO-NET automatically begins establishing a self-organizing local mesh network via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.1 LE (BLE) to connect nearby survivors.

Get real-time information

The HIRO-NET app not only shows nearby contacts, but also all contacts in the emergency network. Survivors can send/receive texts, pictures and visualize real-time information on the position of their beloved ones, first responders and other survivors.


Internet sharing and first responders connectivity

HIRO-NET enables internet sharing among survivors in the emergency network. Also, the HIRO-NET app connects survivors with first responders.

Notification System

HIRO-NET sends push notifications to survivors with up-to-date information with respect to search and rescue process.